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The Power of One Dram to Armenian Mothers

News 05.01.2024

IDBank and Idram sum up the January program of the Power of One Dram initiative. The amount gathered during January, AMD 3,665,972 was directed to the "Armenian Mothers" charity fund.

This time "The Power of One Dram" provided support not only to the fund but also to beneficiaries directly. 20 beneficiaries of the "Armenian Mothers" fund received idplus gift cards in the amount of AMD 50,000 each, with which they are be able to make purchases at all the points where there is an opportunity to pay with Idram&IDBank app, that is, around 20,000 points of sale.

The amount gathered during February will be directed to the "City of Smile" charitable fund to support people with cancer and blood diseases.

According to Tatevik Vardevanyan, the head of the communication unit of IDBank and Idram, supporting children with cancer is the constant focus of companies. "As February is considered the Cancer Awareness Month, we decided right now to stand with them and once again remind them that cancer is not a death sentence. The trust and optimism of each of us is important, and of course the realization that big problems can be solved with even small investments. By paying with the Idram&IDBank application, our users also indirectly participate in a good cause and contribute to the transfer of more money to our beneficiaries at the end of the month," said Tatevik Vardevanyan.

According to Esther Demirchyan, director of the "City of Smile" charitable foundation, they highly value cooperation with IDBank and Idram, which has already become a tradition, within the framework of the "The Power of a Dram" initiative. "The participation of thousands of people with this initiative turns into a big donation, supporting children and young people fighting cancer in Armenia. Thanks to the participation of many people and initiatives like IDBank and Idram that hundreds of beneficiaries of the "City of Smile" fund receive the best treatment available in Armenia without spending "a single dram". "City of Smile" charitable fund is extremely grateful to IDBank and Idram for being by the side of children and young people who are constantly fighting cancer," said Esther Demirchyan.

Becoming a goodwill ambassador is easy and costs nothing. For that, you just need to make all your payments with the Idram&IDBank application, IDBanking.am online platform, through Idram and IDBank terminals, and for each payment you make, the companies will donate one dram to good causes.


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